FENIX Scenario

05 October 2020

FENIX Scenario is located in the Brera district, one of Milan’s main areas where the world of design gathers. The space was deliberately created with a multifaceted and inclusive nature. Together with FENIX®, the protagonists are the materials for interiors of the other brands of the group.

It is an unprecedented stage machinery where the different areas are transformed thanks to mobile furniture: the volumes, the exhibition and meeting spaces, and the materials with their own specific characteristics dialogue with each other. 
Architects, interior designers and other professionals are given the opportunity to experience the materials, their applications and the space itself. 
The heart of the space is the material library where visitors can immerse themselves in the materials that are not only narrated but made available so professionals can compose instant mood boards on the spot. 
In an adjacent digital area, they will find complementary information on brands and different products, as well as details on projects and applications.