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About Musa

Supporting and growing ideas is the starting point for a future full of possibilities.
Musa is a lab, a communication consultancy, a vibrant creative hub that works together with the material technology companies under Broadview and their brands – Arpa, DOS, FENIX, Formica, Homapal, Trespa and Westag.

A multicultural team that designs solutions to create value and meaningful experiences.

This is Musa.
Marketing and Unexpected Solutions for Avant-garde.

Musa Manifesto

We believe in the power of imagination and the importance of nurturing ideas.

We believe tradition, experience and knowledge make us stronger.

We believe intuition and expertise must be supported by analysis, facts and data.

We believe the blend of backgrounds leads to fruitful and innovative projects.

We believe in out-of-the-box and cutting-edge solutions.

We believe that sustainability is a key driver for our activities.

We believe functionality and aesthetics must be combined in a harmonious way to create timeless projects.

We believe our unconventional and meaningful approach enhances the value of our group’s brands and companies.

We believe in creating long-term value for our brands, companies and commercial partners.

Make things happen.
We believe that the difference is possible only with discipline, persistence and execution.




Italian, English, French, American,
Chinese, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Thai, Venezuelan

Areas of Expertise

Marketing, Communication, Design, Digital,
Global Customer Management



The Companies

We believe in the strength of synergies, sharing knowledge and best practices within our group.

We pursue long-term growth and value creation of our companies – Arpa Industriale, DOS, Formica, Homapal, Westag, Trespa International – that operate in the material technology business with superior aesthetical and functional surface properties.
Applications include façade cladding, furniture for home, office and laboratory as well as interiors for healthcare, retail and hospitality.

Continuous investment to develop new and innovative products is a key part of the strategy for this group of companies. This is supported by Nemho – the Next Material House – as the centre of excellence for technology in our group. Next to technology, the growth and protection of its brands is key. That is why the creative hub Musa – Marketing and Unexpected Solutions for Avant-garde – has been created.


FENIX Scenario is located in the Brera district, one of Milan’s main areas where the world of design gathers. The space was deliberately created with a multifaceted and inclusive nature.
Together with FENIX®, the protagonists are the materials for interiors of the other brands of the group:

Arpa®, when innovation and sustainability meet made-in-Italy design

Formica®, the brand who invented the high pressure laminate, making the ordinary become extraordinary

GetaLit®, the German quality of laminates

Getacore®, the solid surfaces to think of a new dimension

Homapal®, the next level of metal surfaces

For exterior applications, Trespa® Meteon® and Pura NFC® samples and product offering is available upon request.

FENIX Scenario is an unprecedented stage machinery where the different areas are transformed thanks to mobile furniture: the volumes, the exhibition and meeting spaces, and the materials with their own specific characteristics dialogue with each other. Architects, interior designers and other professionals are given the opportunity to experience the materials, their applications and the space itself.

The heart of the space is the material library where visitors can immerse themselves in the materials that are not only narrated but made available so professionals can compose instant mood boards on the spot. In an adjacent digital area, they will find complementary information on brands and different products, as well as details on projects and applications.


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